m-shopping is the new e-shopping

Lazy People Apparently Enjoy Shopping Via Mobile Device

M-shopping in action.
M-shopping in action. Photo: iStockphoto

Shopping online is so great because you can do it on your sofa, teeth unbrushed, while you keep half an eye on Dance Moms reruns and the other half on a carton of ice cream on your coffee table. Of course it’s become hugely popular, because who wants to go to a store when there’s a far lazier alternative? Naturally, the next step in e-commerce allows customers to extend even less effort. For those days when you don’t even feel like leaving your bed to get your laptop, you can just shop on your phone. Shopping via mobile device (or “m-shopping”) is really catching on these days, according to WWD:

In a report released by comScore Monday, 38 percent of smartphone owners have used a mobile device to make a purchase at least once. For the month of September specifically, clothing and accessories were the second-most popular category for smartphone device transactions (behind digital goods), with 37 percent of mobile users purchasing these items directly from retailers. As for location, 56 percent of mobile shopping occurred while users were at home, 42 percent while out of home in places such as restaurants and school, 42 percent while at work and 37 percent during traveling or commuting. 

People choose m-shopping instead of e-shopping or shopping shopping because of its convenience, most likely, but also because it allows them to shop in places where bringing a laptop might be awkward. Like the dinner table, or the bathroom, or … a bar, after several drinks.

Lazy People Enjoy Shopping Via Mobile Device