Miranda Kerr on the Benefits of Capricorns As Husbands, Victoria’s Secret Promoting a Healthy Body Image, and More

Miranda Kerr with baby Flynn.
Miranda Kerr with baby Flynn. Photo: Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp/Splash News/? www.splashnews.com

This week’s issue of New York included 178 minutes with Miranda Kerr, the model who got to wear the diamond bra in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year. Below, more things we learned about Kerr.

  • As for the gross parts of being a dad, Kerr says Bloom is “amazing.” “He doesn’t mind about that at all. He’s a Capricorn. Capricorns generally like those types of things. They’re not shy when it comes to changing diapers or whatever. They’re, like, quite hands on and in there. Generally speaking.” Bloom, she says, “always says: [in funny voice] ‘I’m a Capricorn. I like it.’ So it’s just one of our little jokes that we have. Not that it really matters what sign he is. It’s just a family joke.”
  • She likes Victoria’s Secret because, she says, “they’re about promoting a healthy body image and a curvaceous image so, you know, it’s good, it’s good for us. But I do think it’s important for anyone to have [an] exercise regime because then they feel better about themselves. It’s just as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing.”

  • Her self-help book, Treasure Yourself, is being translated into nine different languages, but hasn’t launched in the states yet. “ It’s just a matter of time and I don’t have it at the moment.” 
  • When she’s in the makeup chair, she is very particular about how her face is coming along, and routinely checks her own hand mirror in addition to the huge one in front of her, pointing out perceived flaws to the makeup artist from time to time.
  • Every time a camera crew comes by to interview Kerr, she insists on trying out various lighting arrangements until she’s satisfied with how the illumination makes her look in the mirror. 
  • Of the infamous Heidi Klum Halloween party battle, she says, “It’s ridiculous. I love Heidi.” Throwing her own party had “nothing to do” with  a battle for supremacy. “It’s just the fact that I’m in New York, and I’m in Australia, and we don’t really celebrate Halloween and some friends of mine were like, ‘Hey! Let’s have a party.’ And I was like, ‘Cool let’s do it, it’s Halloween, why not?’” Besides, Kerr knew she couldn’t compete with Klum. “She’s very into it and that’s her thing, but for me we decided that the theme for our party would be circus. I was the ringleader, you know. It’s kind of a lot easier that way, a lot more practical. You don’t get hot with the costumes, you don’t get all, like, makeup running everywhere. I don’t want to sit in hair and makeup for hours, you know what I mean? I would rather just do something simple and easy. I think it’s amazing and cool and, like, totally fun that she took seven hours to get ready, but I just don’t have the patience for that.”
  • Kerr wants Flynn, who has American, Australian, and English citizenship, to grow up in the countryside, like she did. “For me it was probably one of the best times in my life when I was, like, in the country, growing up with nature.”
  • She’s only missed one show since signing with Victoria’s Secret in 2007 — last year’s, when she was heavily pregnant. “I’m sure they wouldn’t have let me down the runway in my underpants and my big belly showing. That would be funny. I could’ve been Santa Claus, right?!” (Indeed, Victoria’s Secret rep once laughed when we asked if they’d ever let one of their models walk the runway pregnant.)
  • In New York, Kerr goes to Kundalini Yoga East when she wants something “really spiritual, like that really good mind, body, and soul, you know, connection;” Jivamukti when “I need to have a good workout;” and Laughing Lotus when “I just want to do a few stretches and don’t want to push myself too hard. It’s pretty easy.”
  • She likes getting naked in photo shoots: “People should be comfortable with their bodies, it’s natural and, it’s not vulgar, you know. It’s always done in a tasteful way.”
  • She studied nutrition: ” I finished a course in Australia in the Academy of Natural Living in integrated nutrition. I’ve got my certificate as health coach so I’m qualified to teach you about health.”
  • She’s not saying yes or no to more kids: “Probably, just not right now though, I’m enjoying the one.”

— With reporting by Amy Odell

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