All the Looks From Gaga’s Mad ‘Marry the Night’ Video

Breakfast went a little wrong.

Last night, Lady Gaga debuted the new video for her latest single “Marry the Night.” There’s a lot going on, and unsurprisingly, not all of it makes total sense — even taking into consideration that its story is clearly jumbled chronologically. Gaga plays a bedazzling, hair-dying, cereal-smearing, train wreck of a ballet dancer gone rogue, and at one point, little animated fairies appear to fly out of her butt. The Haus of Gaga certainly isn’t lacking for creativity, but still, this latest effort (all her own work, too) leaves many questions unanswered. Click through our slideshow breakdown of all the “Marry the Night” looks, accompanied by whatever explanations we could muster.

Looks From Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ Video