Here’s Mario Sorrenti’s Full 2012 Pirelli Calendar [NSFW]

Photo: Mario Sorrenti/Pirelli

Although photographer Mario Sorrenti said that he “didn’t want the pictures to be sexy at all,” his 2012 Pirelli calendar, the Rolls Royce of pinups, is about three-dozen perky breasts away from that goal. In some ways this year’s calendar is no different from previous editions, in that all its very high-profile subjects are very naked. But in other ways, it’s quite different: The outdoor staging is incredibly simple, with no props at all save an odd couch placed under a tree. The models all look natural and sleepy and a little bit damp, as if they’d been lying in some dew-soaked grass. Or, you know, spritzed by a team of assistants with spray bottles. See all 25 photos in this NSFW slideshow.

Here’s Mario Sorrenti’s 2012 Pirelli Calendar