Daphne Guinness, Courtney Love, Hanneli Mustaparta, and More at Valentino Garavani’s Virtual Museum Launch Party

Photo: Pablo Frisk

At last night’s party for Valentino’s new virtual museum, the designer admitted that he’s not very tech-savvy. “Unfortunately, I am not so good for clicking the computers and all these things,” he confessed. Does he go to real museums often? “A real museum? I don’t want to see them anymore,” he scoffed. “This, everybody can see it. A real museum, it’s only for the people who pass by in the city.” Nearby, Daphne Guinness, resplendent in a gray dress with an enormous bow at the neck, explained that she’d gotten ready for the party in about ten minutes, as usual. “I can only think about something ten minutes before I leave the house. I’m not being coy. That is actually right,” she insisted. She does enlist help getting dressed sometimes, though: “I quite like having someone help me do my hair because it’s quite difficult to do the back sometimes. But I can do it. I mean, if I’m in the jungle I can do it.” Is she often in the jungle? “I’m tougher than I look.”

Party Photos: Valentino’s Virtual Museum Launch