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Pat McGrath on Rooney Mara’s Dragon Tattoo Makeup; Sofia Vergara Has Worn Lipstick Since She Was 14

Maryna Linchuk for <em>Vogue</em> Spain.
Maryna Linchuk for Vogue Spain. Photo: VOGUE


• Maryna Linchuk has back-swept blonde barrel curls on the new cover of Spanish Vogue. [FashionGoneRogue]

• Here are some ways to cure hair static, which becomes a serious problem this time of year. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]

• Look, the best ponytails from 2011! [Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]


• Pat McGrath on Rooney Mara’s makeup in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: “It had to look like Lisbeth did the makeup herself. Not like a makeup artist did it for her. If you’re this ultra-tomboy, you’re not comfortable getting the perfect face in the mirror, right? Instead, we kept the skin really clean and raw and focused on shaping the eyes … There was no foundation. I wanted her skin to be translucent and for it to change color in the cold.” [Beauty Counter]

• Sofia Vergara has been wearing makeup since her early teens. “I’m Latin, so it’s very normal when you’re 14, 15, to put on some blush, some mascara, lip gloss. My mother always did her makeup, and I’d always watch her. It’s part of growing up for a Latin woman.” [Allure]

• For those who can’t quite handle cat-eye makeup, there’s apparently a tamer version: “kitten eye.” [LAT]

• InStyle has some product recommendations to help speed up your holiday party beauty routine, including pre-glued false eyelashes, if you’re into those. [InStyle]


• Apparently sales of Chanel No. 5 skyrocket right before Christmas. A spokesperson for British store Debenhams says men always buy it as a last-minute gift. [Daily Mail UK]

• Burberry may be looking for a new fragrance licensee. [WWD]


• British skin-care expert Karin Herzog, whose clients include Kate Middleton, says that slathering on moisturizer in winter “can result in blocking the pores, bombarding the skin, preventing it from breathing and consequently increase the problems.” Oops. [People/StyleWatch]

Pat McGrath on Dragon Tattoo; Vergara’s Makeup