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Rachel Zoe Advocates Tights With Peep-Toes, Shops a Lot in the Middle of the Night

Rachel Zoe.
Rachel Zoe. Photo: Jeffrey Ufberg/2011 Jeffrey Ufberg

Rachel Zoe held court as one of Piperlime’s guest editors at a pop-up lounge in Nolita yesterday, where she signed autographs for fans (the first of whom arrived at 5 a.m.) and showed her selections from the fashion website, namely faux-fur jackets, riding boots, rose-gold watches, and slouchy beanie hats. Does she do a lot of online shopping for herself? “Oh, yeah. It really started when I was pregnant,” she explained. “You wake up at weird times in the middle of the night … and then after the baby was born, and you just feel the urge to shop and spend money.” Plus, she added, sometimes actual stores are “very overwhelming. There’s other people around, and you get hot, and you’re holding all these things.”

Speaking of temperatures, Zoe recommends wearing open-toed shoes with tights this winter. “Obviously, if there is snow on the ground, then no. But that old thing about not wearing tights with an open-toe doesn’t exist anymore. And it’s a very economical way to winterize your spring accessories.” She gestured to the peep-toe Givenchy wedges on her feet. “[Wedges] area must-have accessory for motherhood,” she said. “And I have oversize bags because I’m constantly throwing Skyler’s stuff in them, in addition to a diaper bag. I always have a lot of stuff. And I think it’s only going to get worse as he gets older – toys and books and music things!” For his part, Skyler hasn’t yet chosen a must-have accessory, but Zoe thinks he will soon. “There’s always a thing,” she said. “My nephew had Mr. Flatty. It was like this flat little blue thing, a hippopotamus or something. I don’t think [Skyler] is old enough. I’m waiting to see what his thing is. I am thinking it might be an animal, or it might just be a blanky.”

Rachel Zoe Advocates Tights With Peep-Toes