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Reebok Plans to Bring Their ‘Toning Shoes’ Back

Reebok's 'Easytone' flip-flops.
Reebok’s ‘Easytone’ flip-flops.

This past September, the Federal Trade Commission won a case against Reebok for instances of false advertising in their ‘EasyTone’ footwear products. Reebok was forced to pay the FTC $25 million, funds which were applied to customers seeking refunds after finding their toning shoes didn’t really work. But Reebok’s president confirmed yesterday that the company plans to relaunch ‘EasyTone’ products in future seasons. Unfazed by the FTC’s ruling, international sales of the lines have remained strong: “Toning was driven by the insight that women care about their looks, and that insight doesn’t change,” said Becker, promising new features — presumably ones the FTC won’t find fault with — while acknowledging the company “[needs] to do things better.”