Royal Expert Expounds Upon Kate Middleton’s Fashion Mistakes

Last night NBC, realizing the world is still obsessed with Kate Middleton and Prince William since she married him, offered a one-hour special look at their first few months of marriage. Speaking to royal experts and other authoritative-sounding British people with distant if no relation to the couple, the network uncovered some riveting facts: Kate and William selected every canapé that was served at the wedding. Now there’s a headline. And: Locals in the town of Anglesy, where the couple lives, have seen them at the movies. Go ahead, Internet: crash out of excitement. But the best bit may have been when tan chap in the hat shop expounded on how Kate hasn’t really been dressing all that great. Her greatest mistake? Not weighing down her hemlines. The Queen would never have a Marilyn Monroe moment. She puts weights on the edges of those skirts. 

Royal Expert on Kate Middleton’s Hemlines