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Terrifying Things Happened at Saks Yesterday

As evidenced by this video from Wreak Havoc NY, the 60 percent off  shoe sale at Saks yesterday was not for the casual browser. According to the Daily News, matters only worsened when shoppers were told that discounts would be scaled back to 40 percent at noon. 

People in line panicked, thinking they wouldn’t reach the checkout counter in time, the witness said, and two women were fighting.

She said that people fled the floor as security moved in to put a lid on the shoppers’ rage.

Security guards at the iconic midtown department store confirmed that the eighth-floor women’s shoe section was shut down and cleared out about 11:30 a.m. because of overcrowding.

“It was crazy,” said one guard.

On a positive note, no injuries were sustained — quite a feat indeed, considering the number of stilettos present.