Style Tribes Vol. 2: The DIY Music Scene of Bushwick’s Market Hotel

Photo: Pari Ducovic

The dimly lit Bushwick living and performance space known as the Market Hotel might not function as an official music venue anymore — the city shut it down in April 2010, while an anonymous $100,000 donation is going toward renovations — but its status as archetypal grungy Brooklyn DIY space remains intact.  Since it opened in 2008, bands like Real Estate, Fucked Up, and Wavves have played there, and on the recent fall day we sent photographer Pari Dukovic to hang out with the building’s extended family of former and current tenants, there were impromptu performances by dance-friendly funk-poppers Friends* and punk outfit The So So Glos (who co-founded Market Hotel with promoter Todd P). Up the rickety stairs, the eight tiny bedrooms (more like cubbies) in the cavernous space are still home to a rotating cast of musicians and artists who have a stage for a living room. The style here is neglect, whether studied or not —  mismatched patterns, well-worn shoes, cheap clothes “borrowed from a friend,” or, “found” in the space itself. Whether hair is long or short, you can be sure of two things: They cut it themselves and it wasn’t super-clean. Makeup, with the exception of a few cases of dramatic eyeliner, was an afterthought, if anything.  House accessories were mostly a lit cigarette and an open smile.

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* This post has been updated from its original version.

Style Tribes Volume 2: The Market Hotel