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Video: Manolo Blahnik on Pronouncing His Name, Suri Cruise, the Perfect Shoe, and More

This week a flock of ladies crowded into the Manolo Blahnik store on 54th street where Manolo Blahnik himself was signing copies of his book, The Elves and the Shoemaker — a lovely little stocking stuffer for well-formed shoe addicts and shoe addicts in training. We stopped by for some delightful banter with Blahnik about everything from the perfect shoe (he’s working on it), to why he eschewed the platform craze (too vulgar), to when young women should start wearing heels (Suri Cruise would make a poor example, since he doesn’t know who she is). Also, learn how to pronounce his name (if you don’t already) and watch him draw us a picture in the video.

Video: Manolo Blahnik on Suri Cruise, Platforms