bursting at the seams

Have You Noticed the Seamstresses on 24 Hour Catwalk Are Quite Sassy?

Lifetime’s other great fashion reality competition, 24 Hour Catwalk, winds its contestants up and breaks them down again — over and over — by, as its title suggests, making them work for 24 hours straight. (They’ve also cast very shrewdly.)

After a quick challenge narrows down the competitors from four to two, the finalists are tasked with creating a three-look collection in a day, fully realized and runway-ready. Their helping hands, a rotating group of experienced seamstresses, wind up stealing the show. There’s the lady with the wacky fascinators, a high-pitched British woman named Sam, and of course, eye-rolling JustRaymona — you might be able to call her Just for short, but only if she likes you (and she probably won’t like you). Sure, they’ve been picked for their hissy-fit-inducing potential, but their side-eye glances and caustic critiques work so well because, with countless years of expertise between them, they know exactly what they’re talking about. Here’s a video of their best back-biting moments from last night’s episode. 

24 Hour Catwalk’s Sassy Seamstresses