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Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley Has Some Thoughts on Thank-You Notes

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According to Amy Astley, one-third of the respondents to a recent Teen Vogue poll said that they give handwritten thank-you notes. “I thought that was not so bad. That’s pretty good,” she told Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning. “But then we have 14 percent who never write a thank-you note ever, for anything. Not a job internship interview, not a real interview, nothing.” Shame, shame! Astley attributes this to their (poor) upbringing. “I just think they weren’t raised to,” she explains. And not only should you raise your kids to write notes, you should make them write chatty ones. “Teach your kids to put in a few sentences about why you loved your Nintendo, or whatever,” she recommends. So all Teen Vogue interns hopefuls, be aware: Your handwritten thank-you note should be at least a paragraph. Oh, and watch Twilight.

Amy Astley Has Some Thoughts on Thank-You Notes