Candice Swanepoel Before and After a Victoria’s Secret Photoshop

Photo: FameFlynet Pictuures, Victoria's Secret

Recently, probably when you were, oh, cold, Candice Swanepoel was frolicking on a beach in St. Barts, looking downright hot in every sense of the word. The task at hand was modeling bathing suits for Victoria’s Secret, and there is no shortage of paparazzi photos of her doing so. If you think about it, those paparazzi shots provide the coveted before she was Photoshopped look at Swanepoel in her bikinis. Victoria’s Secret is a common target for people who like to get upset about how digital retouching, well, exists, so if we look at Swanepoel in the new St. Barts photos next to images of her that are currently on the Victoria’s Secret site, we can perhaps get an idea of how much retouching Victoria’s Secret actually does to someone as slender and fabulous-looking as she is. As you can see in our slideshow, it doesn’t look like much, but that’s why she’s a model and commands such great fees for her work — companies don’t have to go nuts retouching her, and paying for that. (Celebrities are the ones who really undergo severe retouching jobs.) See Candice before and after Photoshop in the slideshow.

Candice Swanepoel Before and After Photoshop