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Exclusive First Look: Lady Gaga’s Latest V Column Is Not by Lady Gaga

Instead of penning her fifth V column for this month’s music issue, “Lady Gaga lets the designers of her most recent collaborations do the talking,” according to the magazine. This means that Giorgio Armani, Manish Arora, and Karl Lagerfeld each submitted “notes” about making outfits for Gaga (and Karl, as usual, submitted a nice autographed sketch). 

This image is a little too small for you to be able to read the text, but trust us, the pictures are more interesting. However, should you be curious, here’s what the three designers (or, well, maybe their publicists) have to say about Gaga:

Giorgio Armani:

It is always stimulating to work with Lady Gaga because it allows my imagination to roam freely in order to create genuinely theatrical stage costumes, as was the case on this occasion. Lady Gaga is an artist with a huge personality and amazing stage presence. I was attracted by her genuine interest in fashion and design, which she projects with a conviction that knows no limits — and which she definitely considers a vital ingredient of her career.

Paco Rabanne’s Manish Arora:

Daring. Far beyond fashion and beauty, Gaga’s style is unpredictable, iconoclastic yet iconic and out of time. She is now and tomorrow, between fantasy and reality … She is a statement of re-creating, a piece of art.

Karl Lagerfeld:

Gaga gives the world her music and her talent, but the thing I like most is that she fights against boredom and banality. She also puts forth an ever changing, inspiring, and strong image — an image beyond fashion. She is an extreme concentrate of “zeitgeist,” freeing us from the heavy boredom of publicly displayed political correctness by being herself more than politically correct. Something in today’s world would be missed if there would be no Lady Gaga because Gaga is a Lady.

Exclusive First Look: Lady Gaga’s New V Column