The Headwear Association Named Kate Middleton 2011’s ‘Hat Person of the Year’

Kate in a hat!
Kate in a hat! Photo: Allpix / Splash News/?

Kate Middleton will no doubt be particularly happy today, not just because she’s a Duchess and all, but because she’s received a coveted award from the Headwear Association. She’s officially their 2011 “Hat Person of the Year.” It’s the third year the association has given out the award — the two previous winners being, of course, the wild, hat-wearing Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. From a shortlist of six celebrities nominated for their hats this past year, the Duchess trounced her competition, receiving over 90 percent of the public’s votes. Her closest rival, Rachel Zoe, only got 4 percent. Just like in real life, Kate gets the crown. (Hats off to her.) But keep trying, Beatrice! No, really, keep trying —  please.

Headwear Assoc. Named K-Mid ‘Hat Person of 2011’