Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Depressed Clothes for Depressed People

Jersey Shore Photo: MTV

With the cast’s emotions in heavy flux following Vinny’s departure, last night’s episode was like one big ad for Paxil. Everyone was looking for ways to  just face the day, but to that end, they’re thankfully all famous enough now to have lots of sex with strangers, and alcohol and boldly patterned outfits are the friends that will never be out of reach and have more to give to them than any Vinny ever could. While the girls turned, in this time of need, to their ass-exposing, printed spandex, Pauly D and the Situation displayed their sadness with an array of black and gray T-shirts. And Ronnie, in honor of Vinny, wore what he thought were skinny jeans. See those looks and more from last night’s episode  in the slideshow.

Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Depressed Clothes