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Karl Lagerfeld Talks to Hamish Bowles About the ‘Middle Class’

Several items from Karl Lagerfeld’s new eponymous collection have already sold out on Net-a-Porter, and still more have popped up on eBay — a true indicator of popularity, if there ever was one. His new collection’s inevitable success also merited a video interview with Vogue’s Hamish Bowles, who asks Karl why he went after the bridge price point — that is to say, much cheaper than Chanel and Fendi, but pricier than his previous collaborations with Macy’s and H&M. “The middle has not enough class that I think about the middle class,” Karl explains matter-of-factly. “Right,” says Bowles, evidently understanding what he means by this. So does Karl feel a new sense of duty to make the “middle” classier? Or is he still not thinking about them? (We’re leaning toward the latter, since most middle-class folks would certainly never consider buying a $120 cotton T-shirt.) In related news, Karl — or, well, his PR team — started up a Twitter account

Karl Lagerfeld Talks About the ‘Middle Class’