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Lady Gaga Burned Her Scalp; Kim Kardashian Released a Fragrance Commercial

Classical violinist Hahn-Bin
Classical violinist Hahn-Bin Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images


Lady Gaga tweeted yesterday that she burned her scalp while bleaching her hair. “A real blonde loves a #PeroxideShot,” she wrote. [Lady Gaga/Twitter]

The Hunger Games’ hair colorist had to create over 500 designs for the actors and hundreds of extras in the film. [Fashion Etc]


On the short list for the Best Makeup Oscar are: Albert Nobbs; Anonymous; The Artist; Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2; Hugo, and The Iron Lady. [LAT]

Classical violinist Hahn-Bin says he goes through a pack of Neutrogena wipes a day to take off his elaborate makeup. [Vogue]


A spoof commercial hawks a product called “Photoshop by Adobe,” which allows you to erase blemishes, “liquify” your body, and even adjust your race. [Fashionista]

A group of women is selling fake tattoos called Ta-Ta-Toos that you put on your breasts. Their website describes the product as “Temporary tattoos (displayed at eye level) expressing special sentiments in a way that could never be conveyed by words alone.” Ooh, just as we were starting to think about Valentine’s Day. [Gloss]

To get ready for awards season, Charlize Theron reportedly gets a 50-minute power peel, Michelle Williams gets her eyebrows done, and Claire Danes touches up her highlights. [Us]


Here’s a look at Kim Kardashian’s newest fragrance commercial. [E!]


Vintage Louis Vuitton nail polish is available for $595 on a resaler’s website. [Racked]

Lady Gaga’s Burned; Kim Kardashian’s Commercial