Middle School Bans Uggs Because of Their Smuggling Capacity

One student's boot is another's phone mule.
One student’s boot is another’s phone mule.

Effective today, a middle school in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (a place you just might be familiar with if you’ve ever gotten lost looking for the Philadelphia Premium Outlet Mall), has banned students from wearing Uggs and other furry boots to class. The reason? Students were smuggling cell phones in the fuzzy recesses of their footwear and then texting at their desks, which is against the rules. The school does allow students to wear boots and bring phones to school, but they have to leave both items in their lockers during the day. Parents have already complained about the new rule to local newspaper the Pottstown Mercury, but the school district probably has bigger fish to fry, like the prospect of banning pockets.

Middle School Bans Uggs