Target’s New ‘Shops’ Concept Probably Won’t Include Yves Saint Laurent or Balenciaga After All

Good news: The merchandise <em>will</em> be available online.
Good news: The merchandise will be available online.

More details about Target’s new collaboration initiative have come out: The first five shop-in-shops (The Webster, The Candy Store, Cos Bar, Polka Dog Baker, and Privet Home) will open on May 6, and at least some of their specialty items will be available on The stuff they sell at Target is meant to be quite similar to the stuff they sell at their normal freestanding stores, except the merchandise will be specially “curated” for the Target consumer (read: more affordable). So sadly, you probably won’t be able to find Celine bags at The Webster’s Target installation.

More Details on Target’s New ‘Shops’ Concept