The Most Ridiculous Looks of the Fall 2012 Men’s Show Season

Photo: Carlo Scarpato

Men wearing womenswear-inspired outfits shouldn’t look quite as absurd as they do, especially when women have been making a big fuss out of wearing menswear-inspired clothes the past few seasons. But our society has certain ideas about masculinity, preserving it and so forth, blah blah, and so men’s fashion just looks ridiculous so much more easily than women’s fashion. (Though, to be fair, if you put a tail on girls’ clothes that would very easily look extremely silly, too.) With the fall 2012 men’s shows finished in Europe, a wealth of material existed for yet another roundup of some of the most ridiculous looks from those runways. Ahead, enjoy some of our favorite printed, metallic, tailed, velvet, lace, and leather looks.

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Most Ridiculous Men’s Fall 2012 Looks