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Coming Soon: Rick Owens’s ‘Magic Mountain’ Exhibit

Rick “Magic Mountain” Owens. Photo: Photos: iStockphoto,

The Chesa Planta Museum in Samedan, Switzerland, is located in a house built in 1595, and is described on the nearby town of St. Moritz’s website as, “an impressive example of an Engadin aristocrat’s house and of domestic culture in the 18th and 19th centuries.” Beginning on January 28, in addition to the “photographs, books, plans, herbarium pages and art” that comprise the “Upper Engadin” (read: lake country) “cultural archives” there, you can view an exhibition of Rick Owens’s furniture. The show is called “Magic Mountain,” and will “include two wooden chairs each adorned with a stag antler and a black plywood daybed replete with a cowhide mattress. Also on display will be a limited-edition window curtain of ivory-colored mink and smaller objects such as ashtrays, vases and cups.”

Or you could save yourself the trip to St. Moritz and just go fondle the fur hammock at the Alexander Wang store. You’re bound to encounter the same crowd.

Rick Owens’s ‘Magic Mountain’ Exhibit