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First Looks: See David Beckham’s Bodywear Commercial for H&M

You thought you were going to have to wait until the Super Bowl — and then actually watch the Super Bowl — to see David Beckham’s first commercial for his new H&M bodywear line. But luckily for all of us, H&M released the new 30-second spot today, which portrays Beckham in nothing but some very small white briefs (there’s a nice gratuitous zoom-in on the “David Beckham Bodywear” label, located on the front waistband area). Being able to watch the video now, in the privacy of our own homes and office cubicles, will save our Super Bowl–watching companions from getting viciously elbowed away from the TV — and possibly slopped with beer or smacked with chicken wings — when the ad makes its on-air debut this Sunday.

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See David Beckham’s Bodywear Commercial