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Tavi on Her First Time at Fashion Week: ‘People Were Confused About My Being There’

Tavi. Photo: Tavi Gevinson

In an interview with the BBC yesterday, Tavi talked her sometimes-chilly reception from the fashion industry. “I went to fashion week for the first time when I was 13. People were confused about my being there for a few reasons; one was that I was a blogger. The word itself, ‘blog,’ it’s kind of an ugly word. It just doesn’t sound very legitimate. And fashion as an industry has been really behind about being online, so I think people were confused and angry that someone younger than them had figured it out. They would talk about how inappropriate it was for someone my age to be at fashion week. But this is coming from an industry that fetishizes youth!” She continues, “When my blog first started becoming popular, people were like, ‘How could she know about that band or that designer from the sixties?’ And I was like, it’s the Internet! You can do that nowadays.”

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Tavi on Fashion Week: ‘People Were Confused’