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This Creepy Picture Is Some Folks’ Idea of the ‘Perfect’ Woman

Scary. Photo: Feel Unique

Because apparently nobody ever gets tired of decidedly unscientific “ideal beauty” polls, the ironically titled British website conducted a survey of the most desirable celebrity body parts (well, from the waist up). This bosomy, pillow-lipped, raven-haired woman is a mash-up of the results, which were gathered from 9,350 people. The following celebrities were rated the “best” in each respective category:

HAIR: Kate Middleton 
EYES: Cheryl Cole 
CHEEKBONES: Keira Knightley 
CHIN: Gwyneth Paltrow 
EYEBROWS: Megan Fox 
NOSE: Kate Beckinsale 
LIPS: Angelina Jolie 
CHEST: Kelly Brook

The “ultimate” woman bears a weird resemblance to Kim Kardashian, even though she’s not on the list (and isn’t nearly as famous in England as she is in the States). 

This Picture Is Apparently the ‘Perfect’ Woman