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This Week, Remodeled Went to South Dakota

As we argued last week, the CW Network’s new model-centric The Network succeeds best when its segments focus on big-wig agent Paul Fisher’s angry transformations of struggling model agencies. (And not just because he continues to talk so emphatically with his hands.) There, his work took Rapid City’s “Fierce Models” from a business with a hilariously ironic name to a business with a not-entirely-ironic name — progress! Along the way, there were tears, laughter, IKEA furniture masquerading as high-end office decor, and a wonderful scene involving snarky, fey assistant Joseph (wearing a big black fur cap, no less) wielding a sledgehammer.

Granted, many elements of this week’s transformation seemed rushed and implausible in their overt simplicity. (In particular, the show could better explain how all these local, model-worthy folks get rounded up at such short notice for the final “this is what success looks like” reveal.) But however edited, Remodeled still offers a fun and  fascinating view into the lives of very small town players in the global modeling game.