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Tim Gunn to Co-Host a Daytime Talk Show

Tim Gunn.
Tim Gunn. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Tim Gunn will be one of five co-hosts on a daytime talk show called The Revolution, debuting January 16 on ABC. Each week, the health- and lifestyle-focused show will showcase the “feel-good” journey/transformation of a woman’s five-month-long weight-loss program, which will culminate with a classic “look how thin I am now” reveal in every Friday’s episode. Tim is providing style and fashion advice to the show’s subjects, and even gifts the subjects a “goal” outfit on day one. Says Gunn, “Sure, we will push the buttons in terms of a reality wake-up call, but we’re not mean-spirited. You’ll never see us talking behind someone’s back in snarky, unsupportive way.” There’ll surely be tears regardless, but more like happy tears, people.