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Video: Behind the Scenes at Terry Richardson’s Equinox Shoot

Terry Richardson’s new ad campaign for Equinox came under fire last week for portraying models who, according to some, looked thin and sickly instead of fit and gym-going. Either way, the pictures aren’t gym-related: Instead of photographing hot people in quasi-pornographic workout positions, as he’s done for Equinox before, Richardson portrayed them wearing skimpy, sweat-free cocktail attire while canoodling in a mansion. The ads are apparently meant to portray fun activities — like simultaneously walking three dogs while wearing stilettos and balancing on one foot — that an Equinox membership might enable you to do; the behind-the-scenes video shows just how complicated some of these activities really are. (Just you try holding table-top position on a tile floor in stiletto heels — well, actually, don’t.)

Video: Terry Richardson’s Equinox Shoot