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Aimee Mullins Has Thirteen Pairs of Prosthetic Legs in Varying Heights

Aimee Mullins.
Aimee Mullins. Photo: Inex & Vinoodh

Olympic athlete and newly minted L’Oréal spokeswoman Aimee Mullins, profiled in V magazine’s forthcoming sports issue, still has the hand-carved wooden legs that Alexander McQueen made for her when she walked in his 1999 show. “He was always taking something that was perceived as ugly or banal and transforming it to make it beautiful,” she says. McQueen’s prosthetics make her six one instead of her usual five foot eight, although she has thirteen pairs of prosthetic legs total, all of varying heights so that she can adjust according to her outfit. “I’m having fun with it,” she said.

Aimee Mullins Has 13 Pairs of Prosthetic Legs