Amy Odell Says Good-bye

As accurate a representation of what our real clothes look like day-to-day as we could find.
As accurate a representation of what our real clothes look like day-to-day as we could find.

On Amy Odell’s last day on The Cut, she and Charlotte Cowles remember over IM what things have been like since she started four years ago.

discoamz: Okay, going to chill Champagne. Then let’s do this.
charmant: Sweet.
discoamz:  So, FOUR YEARS.
discoamz: (Champagne is chilling btw.)
charmant:  Oh phew. In other news, you missed Diana Tsui feeding me a glass of wine last week before The Blonds show.
discoamz: Why?
charmant: I was stressed out and needed to get in the mood for Blonds-type entertainment.
discoamz: Yeah, totally. But I guess that happens sometimes around here, needing a drink. Especially during Fashion Week.
discoamz: But I don’t think The Blonds want people going totally sober, anyway.
charmant:  Agreed.
charmant: I think fashion shows would be way more fun if everyone had drinks before.
discoamz: I think they do? Well, as long as they’re not concerned about calories, they probably do.
discoamz: So actually, maybe none of them do!
charmant: Doesn’t Carine have vodka shots before parties?
discoamz: Does she? But anyway, I don’t want to leave sounding like a huge alcoholic.
charmant: You can blame it on me.
charmant: I remember my first time MEETING you.
discoamz: Oh, what was that like?

charmant: Well, you were on vacation when I started. And even though you and I had e-mailed a bunch —  
discoamz:  I hope I was somewhere good.
charmant:  (You were —  Hawaii, i think.)
discoamz:  (Oh good. I should be there more often.)
charmant: But I’d never met you In The Flesh.
discoamz:  Right.
charmant: And you came up to me while I was at my cube.
discoamz: I remember you were in nice and early which was a good sign! *cracks whip*
charmant: And you were like, “Hi, are you Charlotte?” and I was like “Hi!” And you were wearing cutoffs and I was like, oh phew this means I can wear cutoffs to work.
discoamz:  Hahaha.
charmant:  *end scene*
discoamz: Well, you know how I knew you were really special?
charmant: Oh boy. How?
discoamz: This. I was like damn. That girl has balls.
charmant: HA. My first-ever post for The Cut.
discoamz: NO. This was your first post??
charmant:  It was!
discoamz: Well, we kept giving you work then because of it. Because you had the balls to ask Anna Wintour about the retirement rumors. Like, I’ve said the “wrong thing” a few times (see: here). But that was sheer balls. I’ve interviewed a lot of celebs at parties, but never would think to do that
charmant:  I was so traumatized by her response that I called my mom afterward. What was your first Cut post about?
discoamz: My first post was probably about Fashion Week, because I started, like, the day before Fashion Week. And here we are again like a zillion Fashion Weeks later, with another one in the can.
charmant: Do you remember your first fashion show?
discoamz: Yes, but it was actually when I was interning for another publication.
charmant:  Same here.
discoamz:  I interviewed the winner of ANTM who was, like, reporting with the TreSemme booth outside the runways, or something (Bryant Park days!). And then I saw the Heart Truth Red Dress show, and I spoke to Tina Knowles afterward. So that was awesome.
charmant: REALLY?
discoamz:  Oh yeah. she wasn’t nearly as big a deal then, I don’t think.
charmant:  fair enough
charmant: Was she awesome?
discoamz: I can’t remember, but I assume so because she’s freaking BEYONCE’S MOM.
discoamz: Well, what I DO remember from then is that I never thought I’d be here and life would be what it is now. You know, with me exiting The Cut and Blue Ivy existing, and whatnot.
charmant: Our landlord’s secretary recently spelled my name Knowles on some paperwork
charmant: And I was like, “I don’t know how you managed this but I like it.”
discoamz: See, that’s the good thing about your last name — it’s two letters away from Knowles.
discoamz: Mine just gets messed up.
discoamz:  O’dell
discoamz: ODell
discoamz: O’Dell
discoamz:  it’s effing Odell dammit.
discoamz:  it’s not Irish!
charmant:  yeah, mine really doesn’t have any places to insert an apostrophe.
discoamz: You could pull a Chloë Sevigny and add an umlaut, just cuz.
charmant:  Ooh that could be good.
charmant:  Or a circonflexe.
discoamz: You’re so highbrow like that! I approve.
discoamz: What else fun happened over four years?
charmant: Well I was only here for part of them.
discoamz: The Cut has grown and changed and matured. I remember when it was but a training bra.
discoamz:  When you arrived it was like you came in noble robes with a shepherd’s staff, ready to usher help usher The Cut into its Maturation.
charmant: Guided by a star, really.
discoamz: Even though you were just wearing a blue dress that first day I asked you if you were you.
charmant: Oh good, we’re both creepy.
charmant: If this rounds it out, I remember the first time I introduced you to Alex. He was wearing that fabulous pullover he has with blue fish printed on it. And you were like, “is he wearing a sweater with fish on it?” and I was like YES HE IS.
discoamz: Oh I LOVE that piece he has, yes. 
discoamz:  Well, this pre-dated you (and Alex) but I enjoyed that time I impersonated Beyonce.
charmant: When was that?
discoamz:   in 2009!
charmant:  Ahhhmazing.
discoamz: You know, blog posts are weird. They’re like a those great nights out — they all just blur together once you’ve had enough of them.
charmant: Sometimes you don’t remember they happened? Yes.
discoamz: Oh I’m going to sound like an alcoholic again!
charmant:  Me too.
discoamz: anyway, this is more recent, but I loved writing about this douchebag.
charmant: YES
discoamz:  That’s the best update I’ve ever gotten to tack onto a post.
charmant: Did he ever e-mail you back?
discoamz:  No. He probably doesn’t know it happened. He is a… party promoter.
charmant: True, they only know how to communicate through email blasts.
discoamz: And this just just just happened, but I really enjoyed looking through the Central St. Martins slideshow. All nearly 200 images!
discoamz:  It was like TV.
discoamz:  And all the models are like, “This is what I diet for? THIS?”
charmant: I started looking through it and then I was like, wait, I don’t have time to finish this but I WANT TO SO BADLY.
discoamz:  Yeah you should do it now.
charmant: And it’s pretty rare for me to feel that way about a runway show, let’s be honest.
discoamz: Oh I feel you.
discoamz: So anyway. It’s been a wonderful and FUN four years here. and I’m glad to leave the blog in your hands. I feel like I’m sending a child off to an Ivy League college but like not an obnoxious one.
charmant: Going into the fashion closet for a secret conversation won’t be the same without you.
discoamz: A cool one like, oh I don’t know, COLUMBIA
discoamz: Anyway, I should post this before they confiscate my key card. And you should finish looking at that Central St. Martins slideshow
charmant: Please think of me every time your cat snuggles in your boat shoe box
discoamz: Oh of course!
discoamz: You know, I don’t know if people know what she looks like.
charmant: OH MAN
discoamz:  I think it’s time she had her unveiling
charmant:  You need to post that picture.
discoamz:  She’s basically been our mascot.
charmant: Our muse.
discoamz: Oh, I already have it cropped.
discoamz: Way before that Givenchy collection, bitches!!! That’s what I say.
charmant: Let’s get a big photo of that bad boy.
discoamz:  Girl, Charlotte.
discoamz:  GIRL.
discoamz: Anyway, everyone, this is Maddie, and she and I bid you a fond adieu.


Amy Odell Says Good-bye