Amy Odell Says Good-bye

As accurate a representation of what our real clothes look like day-to-day as we could find.
As accurate a representation of what our real clothes look like day-to-day as we could find. Photo: BBC

On Amy Odell’s last day on The Cut, she and Charlotte Cowles remember over IM what things have been like since she started four years ago.

discoamz: Okay, going to chill Champagne. Then let’s do this.
charmant: Sweet.
discoamz:  So, FOUR YEARS.
discoamz: (Champagne is chilling btw.)
charmant:  Oh phew. In other news, you missed Diana Tsui feeding me a glass of wine last week before The Blonds show.
discoamz: Why?
charmant: I was stressed out and needed to get in the mood for Blonds-type entertainment.
discoamz: Yeah, totally. But I guess that happens sometimes around here, needing a drink. Especially during Fashion Week.
discoamz: But I don’t think The Blonds want people going totally sober, anyway.
charmant:  Agreed.
charmant: I think fashion shows would be way more fun if everyone had drinks before.
discoamz: I think they do? Well, as long as they’re not concerned about calories, they probably do.
discoamz: So actually, maybe none of them do!
charmant: Doesn’t Carine have vodka shots before parties?
discoamz: Does she? But anyway, I don’t want to leave sounding like a huge alcoholic.
charmant: You can blame it on me.
charmant: I remember my first time MEETING you.
discoamz: Oh, what was that like?

charmant: Well, you were on vacation when I started. And even though you and I had e-mailed a bunch —  
discoamz:  I hope I was somewhere good.
charmant:  (You were —  Hawaii, i think.)
discoamz:  (Oh good. I should be there more often.)
charmant: But I’d never met you In The Flesh.
discoamz:  Right.
charmant: And you came up to me while I was at my cube.
discoamz: I remember you were in nice and early which was a good sign! *cracks whip*
charmant: And you were like, “Hi, are you Charlotte?” and I was like “Hi!” And you were wearing cutoffs and I was like, oh phew this means I can wear cutoffs to work.
discoamz:  Hahaha.
charmant:  *end scene*
discoamz: Well, you know how I knew you were really special?
charmant: Oh boy. How?
discoamz: This. I was like damn. That girl has balls.
charmant: HA. My first-ever post for The Cut.
discoamz: NO. This was your first post??
charmant:  It was!
discoamz: Well, we kept giving you work then because of it. Because you had the balls to ask Anna Wintour about the retirement rumors. Like, I’ve said the “wrong thing” a few times (see: here). But that was sheer balls. I’ve interviewed a lot of celebs at parties, but never would think to do that
charmant:  I was so traumatized by her response that I called my mom afterward. What was your first Cut post about?
discoamz: My first post was probably about Fashion Week, because I started, like, the day before Fashion Week. And here we are again like a zillion Fashion Weeks later, with another one in the can.
charmant: Do you remember your first fashion show?
discoamz: Yes, but it was actually when I was interning for another publication.
charmant:  Same here.
discoamz:  I interviewed the winner of ANTM who was, like, reporting with the TreSemme booth outside the runways, or something (Bryant Park days!). And then I saw the Heart Truth Red Dress show, and I spoke to Tina Knowles afterward. So that was awesome.
charmant: REALLY?
discoamz:  Oh yeah. she wasn’t nearly as big a deal then, I don’t think.
charmant:  fair enough
charmant: Was she awesome?
discoamz: I can’t remember, but I assume so because she’s freaking BEYONCE’S MOM.
discoamz: Well, what I DO remember from then is that I never thought I’d be here and life would be what it is now. You know, with me exiting The Cut and Blue Ivy existing, and whatnot.
charmant: Our landlord’s secretary recently spelled my name Knowles on some paperwork
charmant: And I was like, “I don’t know how you managed this but I like it.”
discoamz: See, that’s the good thing about your last name — it’s two letters away from Knowles.
discoamz: Mine just gets messed up.
discoamz:  O’dell
discoamz: ODell
discoamz: O’Dell
discoamz:  it’s effing Odell dammit.
discoamz:  it’s not Irish!
charmant:  yeah, mine really doesn’t have any places to insert an apostrophe.
discoamz: You could pull a Chloë Sevigny and add an umlaut, just cuz.
charmant:  Ooh that could be good.
charmant:  Or a circonflexe.
discoamz: You’re so highbrow like that! I approve.
discoamz: What else fun happened over four years?
charmant: Well I was only here for part of them.
discoamz: The Cut has grown and changed and matured. I remember when it was but a training bra.
discoamz:  When you arrived it was like you came in noble robes with a shepherd’s staff, ready to usher help usher The Cut into its Maturation.
charmant: Guided by a star, really.
discoamz: Even though you were just wearing a blue dress that first day I asked you if you were you.
charmant: Oh good, we’re both creepy.
charmant: If this rounds it out, I remember the first time I introduced you to Alex. He was wearing that fabulous pullover he has with blue fish printed on it. And you were like, “is he wearing a sweater with fish on it?” and I was like YES HE IS.
discoamz: Oh I LOVE that piece he has, yes. 
discoamz:  Well, this pre-dated you (and Alex) but I enjoyed that time I impersonated Beyonce.
charmant: When was that?
discoamz:   in 2009!
charmant:  Ahhhmazing.
discoamz: You know, blog posts are weird. They’re like a those great nights out — they all just blur together once you’ve had enough of them.
charmant: Sometimes you don’t remember they happened? Yes.
discoamz: Oh I’m going to sound like an alcoholic again!
charmant:  Me too.
discoamz: anyway, this is more recent, but I loved writing about this douchebag.
charmant: YES
discoamz:  That’s the best update I’ve ever gotten to tack onto a post.
charmant: Did he ever e-mail you back?
discoamz:  No. He probably doesn’t know it happened. He is a… party promoter.
charmant: True, they only know how to communicate through email blasts.
discoamz: And this just just just happened, but I really enjoyed looking through the Central St. Martins slideshow. All nearly 200 images!
discoamz:  It was like TV.
discoamz:  And all the models are like, “This is what I diet for? THIS?”
charmant: I started looking through it and then I was like, wait, I don’t have time to finish this but I WANT TO SO BADLY.
discoamz:  Yeah you should do it now.
charmant: And it’s pretty rare for me to feel that way about a runway show, let’s be honest.
discoamz: Oh I feel you.
discoamz: So anyway. It’s been a wonderful and FUN four years here. and I’m glad to leave the blog in your hands. I feel like I’m sending a child off to an Ivy League college but like not an obnoxious one.
charmant: Going into the fashion closet for a secret conversation won’t be the same without you.
discoamz: A cool one like, oh I don’t know, COLUMBIA
discoamz: Anyway, I should post this before they confiscate my key card. And you should finish looking at that Central St. Martins slideshow
charmant: Please think of me every time your cat snuggles in your boat shoe box
discoamz: Oh of course!
discoamz: You know, I don’t know if people know what she looks like.
charmant: OH MAN
discoamz:  I think it’s time she had her unveiling
charmant:  You need to post that picture.
discoamz:  She’s basically been our mascot.
charmant: Our muse.
discoamz: Oh, I already have it cropped.
discoamz: Way before that Givenchy collection, bitches!!! That’s what I say.
charmant: Let’s get a big photo of that bad boy.
discoamz:  Girl, Charlotte.
discoamz:  GIRL.
discoamz: Anyway, everyone, this is Maddie, and she and I bid you a fond adieu.


Amy Odell Says Good-bye