The Best and Worst Party Moments of New York Fall 2012 Fashion Week

Dita Von Teese, Performance Photo: David X

Packing in an average of six parties every night for days on end can get to even the most dedicated fashion people — and for anyone who actually works, certainly there were a few events that had to be missed. Luckily, there were plenty of pictures to document all the celebrating we do about clothing. In fact, sometimes there are so many photographers on the scene, it makes one wonder how people actually manage to party in between having flashbulbs popped in their faces and reporters asking them to carefully spell their names. Add some overly sweet vodka drinks and toe-crushing high heels into that equation, and it’s a miracle anyone has any fun at all. But if the photos tell us anything, it’s that this crowd is intrepid in its quest for a good time. Click through our slideshow to see Lindsay Lohan, Anna Wintour, Chelsea Clinton and others from the past eight nights of excess.

The Best and Worst Party Moments of New York 2012 Fashion Week