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Charlotte Ronson on Her Katniss ‘Fire Dress’ Faux Pas for The Hunger Games

Charlotte Ronson
Charlotte Ronson Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images

In anticipation of the The Hunger Games (out March 23), InStyle asked a dozen designers to sketch Katniss’s  “fire dress” from the book. Charlotte Ronson was one of the chosen few — along with Christian Siriano, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nicole Miller — but while her sketch is great, she made one little goof: She has Katniss wearing her weapon of choice, the bow and arrow. The problem is, at this point in the story, Katniss doesn’t want to display her archery skills — it’s part of her survival strategy to keep it a secret since she has to fight the other tributes to the death. The Cut caught up with Ronson Friday night at her after-party at 1OAK  and discovered she had a little secret of her own. “I haven’t read it yet. I was going to read it, and I downloaded it on my iPad, but …” she admitted sheepishly. “I asked around and Googled it, plus they gave me the parameters for the sketch, so I knew she was an archer, but I didn’t know the story behind it.” Don’t worry, Charlotte — only the diehards will notice. “The cape can hide it, right?” she laughed.

Charlotte Ronson on Her Katniss ‘Fire Dress’ Faux Pas for Hunger Games