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A Detailed Account of Adriana Lima’s Chocolate-Eating Habits

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima Photo: D Dipasupil/2012 Getty Images

The biggest story of the last Victoria’s Secret fashion show — that made it from blogs like this one to Anderson Cooper’s nightly program — was Adriana Lima’s pre-show diet. She told a reporter that she basically didn’t eat food before the show and worked out twice a day, which not only sounded hellish and creepy but was also pretty bad publicity for Victoria’s Secret. Well, at a recent Victoria’s Secret press event pegged to the non-holiday of Valentine’s Day, Lima took a break from posing with bras and panties to speak to a reporter from StyleList and consume calories — sugary, fatty ones — an act from which we get this very detailed description:

Adrianna Lima [sic], who recently made headlines after appearing in not one but two Super Bowl commercials, seemed exhausted from all of the excitement. “Do you mind?” she asked me, reaching for a few chocolates while we were speaking. Grabbing a white chocolate truffle from a startled waiter as he passed by, Lima quickly summoned him back, adding two dark chocolates to her napkin. As if to prove that the angels do, in fact, eat, she quickly devoured the first chocolate. I had to ask which type of chocolate she preferred and Lima almost purred the word, “everything” as she popped another chocolates into her mouth.

So the reporter witnessed her amassing a grand total of THREE chocolates, and eating TWO of them, which obviously completely undoes all that pre-VS show diet press. If anyone would like to do a story about The Cut staff eating greasy Thai food takeout when we’re in the office till 10 p.m. during Fashion Week, we’re open to any and all attention, since none of us dress loudly enough to get noticed by the street-style photographers.

Details on Adriana Lima’s Chocolate-Eating Habits