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Free Association With: Johnson Hartig of Libertine

Johnson Hartig.
Johnson Hartig. Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Words With Fashion Friends continues with the designers of MADE Fashion Week, this time with Libertine’s Johnson Hartig. For fall, he crafted sixties- and seventies-inspired silhouettes out of lurex knits, vibrantly hued furs, and patchwork prints. “I was feeling more embellished than ever,” Hartig said. Patterns of sequins and skulls adorned tartan outerwear and lace dresses alike, while the punky menswear shown alongside the ladies’ clothes injected a rebellious mood into the collection. So what does Hartig think of when someone says the word icon? Read on.

Pleather: “Warm leatherette.”

Drama:Downton Abbey.”

Signature: “Doctor.”

Icon: “Nap.”

Tacky: “Glue.”

Trends: “Whatever you do, don’t follow ‘em.”

Free Association: Johnson Hartig of Libertine