Fug Girls: Joan Motherf’ing Rivers Showed Up at Badgley Mischka

Joan Rivers.
Joan Rivers. Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

It was hard to miss ESPN’s Erin Andrews on Tuesday at Badgley Mischka. Despite the tent being dimly lit, her thick blonde ponytail was swinging, she was clad in a really cheerful orange hue, and she stands a head taller than everyone else. Although to hear her tell it, having mile-long legs can occasionally be a hindrance, much like when your diamond shoes are too tight. “You can’t hide these legs. Plus I’ve got hips, and I have a torso, so with me finding the right fit can be hard,” she said. Andrews, whose national profile rose after she did Dancing With The Stars two years ago, tells us she hired a stylist to help her navigate the perils and pitfalls, but “the worst thing about having a stylist is that now I can’t dress myself. I have to call her and be like, ‘What do I do now? And how do I do that? What am I doing?’” Andrews further laughed that while she’s at ease discussing the ins and outs of zone blitzes for her day job, the whole fashion world has been a bit of a whirlwind. “I make fun of myself for not knowing anything,” she said. “I’m so good at self-deprecating.”

Alexandra Chando of The Lying Game snuck in wearing a white strapless cocktail dress — between her, Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell (in the front row across the way, sans fake bangs), and the fact that we’ve seen the Jane By Design girls around a lot this week, ABC Family must have upped its travel budget. Mitchell arrived with Ann Shoket of Seventeen, so we wonder if that foreshadows a cover, which seems like a smart idea for both of them. They sat in the same row as Andrews, Angela Simmons (again), Kate Mara, and Kelly Osbourne, who looked great except that we desperately want her to get a new dye job: Her hair is still a purple-grey shade that looks like an Upper East Side granny had a salon accident involving bleach and grape juice.

As the staffers hurriedly began clearing the runway, we noticed that they left an empty seat smack in the middle of celebrity row. Then we spied a camera crew shadowing the entrance to the runway, and within a few minutes, Osbourne’s Fashion Police co-star  Joan motherf’ing Rivers swanned out onto the catwalk, wearing a resplendent furry coat and walking slowly, employing dramatic arm motions and clutching a microphone. We assume this was a kitschy bit for one of their show segments — perhaps one showcasing her signature runway walk — but personally we prefer to imagine that Joan enters all rooms this way, even if the room in question is her own, or at her gynecologist’s office. The audience burst into raucous applause and cheers the second Joan showed her face, and Rivers laughed and waved before taking her seat between Osbourne and Kate Mara, who charmingly proceeded to chat up Joan as if they were old friends. Smart move, Kate — the Queen of the Best and Worst Dressed list is never a bad ally. (For more Fug Girls, go here.)

Fug Girls: Badgley Mischka