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Fug Girls: Cheyenne Jackson talks Xanadu, Tina Fey, and Basks in the Glow of His Own Hotness at rag & bone

Cheyenne Jackson
Cheyenne Jackson Photo: Jonathon Ziegler/?Patrick McMullan

The rag & bone menswear show took place Friday in a warehouselike pier venue, and as such, it was cavernous and chilly — to the point that we saw people putting on their hats and gloves when they walked inside, just to endure the temperature. We decided to keep warm by sidling up to actor and Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson and basking in the rosy glow of his hotness. He must have sensed our motives, because he reached out, wrapped his Jackson five around our bare hands, and asked, “How are you doing? Are you cold? It’s really cold!” We’re not entirely sure what we said in reply, as we were too busy suppressing the urge to curl up in his lap (we probably chortled ridiculously, as we are fatally uncool in these situations, and also in life in general), but we managed to remain upright and conscious and that’s always a victory.

We’re happy to report, in the credit-where-credit-is-due department, that Jackson is easygoing and friendly, in addition to being a dreamy dreamboat with pretty, pretty eyes. He confirmed that he’s in talks to pop up on 30 Rock again — “I was just Tina Fey’s date at the SAG awards, and I was like, ‘TINA, what’s UP? Come on!’” — and said he’s otherwise working on music for a new record deal and waiting to find out if the USA Network picks up his pilot with Nathan Lane. He also seemed excited to do a little shopping on the runway. “This [line] is like lumberjack meets English schoolboy,” he said. “I’m from Idaho, and I’m kind of an English schoolboy in the body of a lumberjack. It’s perfect.”

In the end, we couldn’t resist bringing up Xanadu – after all, he hit it big in the stage show, and we grew up loving the movie (and belting out the soundtrack in the shower, although we withheld that foxy tidbit), so we are doubtless secret soul mates. Jackson laughed that, yes, he has seen the movie. “Not too much, because it’s a crappy movie. It was something like the worst flop of all time when it came out,” he said. “But Olivia Newton John came [to the show] and she was so in on the joke, which was cool, that was amazing.” But what about the guy from The Warriors who played Jackson’s role in the film? “He never came,” Jackson said. “He’s kind of pulled back from society. Nobody really sees him anymore.” We can’t blame him — if someone recast us with Cheyenne Jackson, we’d never come out of our rooms again either. (For more Fug Girls, go here.)

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