How Fashionable People Prepare for Fashion Week
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How Fashionable People Prepare for Fashion Week

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Anne Christensen, fashion director, Glamour

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

"I tried a juice fast this year, which is new. But I only lasted one day. You’re supposed to do three. It was from the Juice Press, and it’s six different juices you have to drink in a day. They’re pretty intense! I realized how much I like eating food and drinking wine at the end of the night.


Beyond my normal mani, pedi, waxing, I’ll probably get my hair re-redded at Grace Heaven Salon. It’s all natural – or so I’ve been told – and works really well with my hair color.


When the sales hit is when I’m thinking, 'Oh my god, I’ve got to get my great outfits for Fashion Week.' I usually shop the sales at Bergdorf and Barneys, and try to get something every season that is the money item. This season, it’s an amazing Celine skirt with leather and chiffon strips. So far it’s been too nice for me to wear for drop-offs at school, so I’m saving it just for Fashion Week."

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Anna Dello Russo, fashion director, Vogue Japan

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

"I prepare the looks and the luggage at the end of October. I already chose the best coats, and I saved for Fashion Week. I have a Balenciaga, really bright purple. Then I have an orange floral coat by Prada, and a really intense green velvet coat by Tom Ford. Not black. Anything but black! What I packed is many coats, boots, a clutch, and some evening party dresses – really short. Then I will bring some hats because New York is a really open-minded city. They say, 'Oh that’s a good look!' They encourage.


I went to India at Christmastime to prepare my body with yoga, swim, sunshine, also meditation and Ayurvedic massage. I like so much to be well done, you know, all perfect. I like now kind of red-orange chinois for the nails. And then I keep a little tan on my legs, because when I go to shows I don’t wear socks. I do body makeup."

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Mickey Boardman, editorial director, Paper

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

"I make sure all my Lacoste shirts are freshly laundered. You’re not supposed to dry them. I go to this crazy laundry where I pick them up wet. But the best way to keep them crisp is to have Lacoste send new ones every season! I also get a supply of Naked Juices – my favorites are the reduced-calorie ones.


I have two things I’m excited to wear, which were both gifts from Ikram Goldman: a Lanvin ladies' jeweled top, which she put panels in the sides to fit my girth, and a pair of Junya Watanabe gold-sequined shoes. I’m into suits now too. I have a couple from Michael Kors, a Joseph Abboud, and a Calvin Klein suit. No ties. I don’t know how to tie a tie. It’ll be a suit with a sparkle top underneath. And a clown shoe.


I’m going to be on taxi TV again, so I prepare for the deluge of people recognizing me – rehearse in the mirror, practice my phony humility. [laughs] 'Oh, thank you!'" 


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Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief, Glamour

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty

"I’ve become an addict of the Tracie Martyn facials, so I just got one of those. When you’re slogging through on three-and-a-half hours of sleep, this at least makes you look like you got five – if not eight! And the first two weeks of my haircut are never my favorite – the trick is doing it several weeks before.


I try to log a lot of time with my family before [Fashion Week], so I can go off guilt-free. I basically tell them: It’s like I’m on a business trip, don’t even consider I’m here. If you’re trying to squeeze in family stuff around the edges of shows and events, you’re going to be a miserable wench.


I don’t plan my oufits, but I always wish I did. There are always those things you’re just dying to wear – although I’m not that good at delayed gratification. But I have yet to wear my little red suede Alaïa jacket that I can’t wait to break out."


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Deborah Needleman, editor-in-chief, WSJ

Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty

"The only way I prepare is I lay out my clothes like an overachieving schoolchild the night before. There can’t be any last-minute, 'I have nothing to wear today!' So it’s crazy outfit-planning. Literally, I do a week. I take iPhone photos – so embarrassing.


I get keratin treatments from Crystal Torres so I don't have to bother about my hair as much –  I don’t have to wash it every day. I found her at one of those walk-in places and she comes to my house. After I was excused from Condé Nast I had to find a cheap alternative to the salons I was using, because it’s no longer a billable expense. I used to have someone do hair and makeup before everything. Now I just wing it.


Work-wise, I’ve downloaded iAnnotate, so I can I sit in the shows and edit layouts on the iPad."



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Kate Foley, buyer, Opening Ceremony

Photo: MARIE HAVENS/Patrick McMullan

"I always think of [treatments] a bit too late. Like, 'Oh, I wish I got a spray tan so I could look nice!' I’m not really one of those people that prepares in that way! It’s more having my home in order. I fill my house with Diptyque and Astier De Viallatte candles – the home bits that help you relax.


I pretty much wear what I wear in normal life. I have a black leather pencil skirt I wear a lot, and I just got a new dress from Bilitis 17 Ans – it’s really me, like a cotton nightie style. You know those Yves Saint Laurent parkas with the fur? I feel like I’m going to be wearing that a lot. And then a pair of Prada resort heels. I spent forever trying to find them, so I’m rather excited to wear those!


If worse comes to worse, and I feel awful, I can run into [Opening Ceremony] and grab something. It definitely helps! It’s not free, but you know…"

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Eva Chen, beauty director, Teen Vogue

Photo: Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan

"I’m one of those weird beauty editors who loves doing their nails themselves, so over Fashion Week I probably do three polish changes. I’ll start the week with an opaque polish and by the end have a crazy, glittery, Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday situation. You know that polish? It’s like happiness in a bottle. There are a few yellows I’m looking forward to trying: Hello Kitty from Sally Hansen, Ladies in the Limelight from the Kardashian Collection for OPI, and the Proenza color, Pollen, from Perfect Formula. And glitter topcoat is the best thing ever, because if you do your nails late at night and get that weird sheet-creasing thing, you can just throw on a glitter topcoat.


Right now I’m obsessed with face oils. There’s one called Rodin Olio Lusso, which a lot of models use. It smells like jasmine and it’s so luxurious. My favorite hand cream is Jurlique. I always have my iPad, tweeting and Tumblr-ing backstage. Your paws are not as greasy with Jurlique."

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Emily Weiss, founder/editor, Into The Gloss

Photo: CHANCE YEH/Patrick McMullan

"I love getting a facial at Isabel Bellis. Her fingers fly over your face for two hours, with layer upon layer of concoctions. Every time I go she turns me on to something else, like a shaman or something. Last time she gave me Joelle Ciocco Pure Concentrated Serum with botanical oils, and told me that’s good if you’re tired or traveling. I’ve also been using Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask. It smells like jasmine. I’ve been putting that on before bed, and you wake up sort of glow-y.


I stock up on Almay Oil-free Makeup Eraser Sticks, which are good if your mascara flecks off under your eye or something. Those are so genius.


I probably should plan looks ahead of time, but I don’t. I have skinny jeans from rag and bone in black and burgundy. Maybe I’ll buy a new color. I have a really nice black fox-fur vest from Derek Lam I’m hoping to wear. It was too warm last season in Paris when I got it."


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Edward Enninful, fashion and style director, W

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty

"First of all, I always lose a little weight, controlling my eating and hitting the treadmill, because the days of Fashion Week are so long and crazy. You want to be sure to feel in good spirits, really. Then, I go shopping for new clothes. I basically wear black and white clothes, and I believe that too many are better than not enough. I’ll go to Prada and order new suits – it’s always a classic two-button Prada suit, with a small lapel. And they always make it in different fabrics. I’ll go to Givenchy and get some shirts, and I’ll go to Richard James in London and get measured for a good suit. It’s definitely a ritual, every season.


I know what I like to wear, and I have it ready –- steamed, ironed, whatever – and I just jump in. It looks like I wear the same clothes all the time because I have multiples, but it’s always different."

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Derek Blasberg, editor-at-large, Harper's Bazaar, V and VMAN

Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty

"My prep regime isn't particularly sophisticated. First, I try to sleep as much as I can before the madness begins, an attempt to proactively make up for not sleeping at all the ensuing month. I stock up on healthy snacks, fresh fruit and juices, though I know most meals will consist of canapés, passed cocktails, and whatever I can steal out of the handbags of the troupe of fashion girls I inevitably spend all my time with.


When I was a wee Fashion Week rookie, I'd schedule my outfits in advance and follow them despite weather or mental state; that ended when I wore a three-piece wool suit in a heat wave and sweated like a hooker in church. Now I just make sure my favorite things are clean, pressed and polished, particularly the coats and shoes, since that's essentially all anyone notices on a boy anyway.


Lastly and most importantly, I spend quality time with non-fashion friends who have a good sense of humor. The only way to get through this week is with a smile."

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Hanneli Mustaparta, blogger, photographer, and

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

"It’s like when people are like, 'Oh! I have to prepare for my wedding.' No! Take care of yourself all the time and you’ll be happy all the time. I went to Great Jones Spa last week – I didn’t have Fashion Week in mind, but it’s probably good! Because it’s winter, I have a moisture mask from Chanel, which is amazing. I sleep with it – the Essential Regenerating Mask.


I have to remember to buy hand-warmers, the ones you can rub and put in your socks or gloves. Standing outside just waiting to shoot a specific editor you can get so cold!


I bought one more of pair of flat shoes because I have too many heels. I only have my Prada brogues, and I was thinking I would like to mix it up. So I bought a pair of black loafers from Burberry. I couldn’t plan every outfit. I like to do it on-the-go; that’s when the magic happens."

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Mary Alice Stephenson, stylist

Photo: Dario Cantatore/Getty

"It literally does take a village. My mom flies in from Michigan. I have a makeup artist every morning. I’ve learned that I look much better with a few false eyelashes, and covering my up imperfections in every way! I have no qualms about it. So, mom flies in, full-time nanny – I’m a single mom, you know – and makeup artist. My team does things like keep my candy stash: Diet Coke and Swedish Fish.


I don’t usually have time to get a mani/pedi, so I’ll have someone come to the house. When you’re older – past 40 – you want to look great, especially when you’re on-camera. Tracie Martyn Resculpting Facial: it truly works.


I never have time to figure out what I’m going to wear. My whole third floor of my brownstone is closets. I’ll go up there in the morning and figure out something. But if I can’t, who can? I’m a stylist. I should be able to pull it together."


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