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Rachel Weisz Skin-Care Ad Banned for Misleading Photoshopping

Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz Photo: L’OREAL

This ad for L’Oréal’s Revitalift Repair 10 starring Rachel Weisz was just banished from Britain by the nation’s ban-happy Advertising Standards Authority, the organization in charge of policing misleading campaigns. The ASA’s previous bans include an “irresponsible” Miu Miu ad of Hailee Steinfeld sitting on train tracks and another “not responsible” Miu Miu ad with a model that looked too thin, having prompted complaints from just two people. Apparently the complaint over the Weisz ad came from British Liberal Democrat politician Jo Swinson, who thought L’Oréal’s ad misrepresented how effective the product actually is. 

From WWD:

The ASA said that the ad was misleading in relation to the claims that the product made skin look smoother and the complexion look more even, as the committee believed Weisz’s image had “been altered in a way that substantially changed her complexion to make it appear smoother and more even.” The ASA also told L’Oréal not to continue to use postproduction techniques that could misrepresent a product’s claims. 

So it’s like, “Dear skin-care companies: Don’t Photoshop your celebrity models kthanks!” You have to laugh. Especially because who actually believes any of these products reverse aging anyway?

Photoshopping Leads to UK to Ban Rachel Weisz Ad