Slideshow: Street-Style Pattern Recognition, Vol. 1


While the majority of people probably didn’t start planning their outfits for Fashion Week back in October, even the most jaded show-goers use the week as a chance to put their best foot (feet?) forward. And while everyone likes to think his or her look is the result of careful attention to detail and the cultivation of their unique taste, pesky memes do emerge. Today, we bring you the first installment of our visual field guide to street-style trends, in case you want to take a moment to re-chart your sartorial course. For instance, if you were wondering if your scalloped-ankle-cuffed-trousers worked over your black-heels-with-a-touch-of-metal, rest assured, the answer — according to more than one person — is YES! Click through our slideshow to see the most hyper-specific trendlets, shot outside of Milk Studios at Made fashion week.

Street-Style Pattern Recognition, Vol. 1