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Fashion Week Style Diaries: Paper Magazine’s Mickey Boardman, Day Eight

Photo: Melissa Hom

For his Style Diaries finale, Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman takes us full circle with a formal look, wearing a black Calvin Klein suit with a metallic Lanvin top. He admits, “I want to look fancy on the last day and not let people see that I’m really just a walking corpse. I’m pooped!” Mickey will be at London’s Fashion Week tomorrow. What will he wear there? “I’ll just start these looks all over again.”

On Mickey: Calvin Klein suit, Lanvin top, Steve Madden shoes, and a Stella McCartney bag.
About the look: “Today I am in a black Calvin Klein suit which I call my ‘weddings and funerals suit,’ because I wear it for all formal occasions. And I’m wearing my Lanvin sparkle top that I wore the first day of Fashion Week because I couldn’t resist wearing it again.”

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Style Diaries: Mickey Boardman, Day Eight