The Top Ten Pieces That Will Be All Over the Street-Style Blogs This Fashion Week

Photo: Alessandro Lucioni

Armfuls of bangles, statement sunglasses, and artfully mismatched prints dominated the street-style photographs last September, but a new season calls for shiny new things.  Being a street-style star requires changing it up each Fashion Week to keep the photographers interested, so expect to see the likes of Taylor Tomasi Hill, Hanneli Mustaparta, and Shala Monroque breaking out the items that they’ve been hoarding in anticipation of a splashy debut.  While the Miu Miu glitter booties were one of the most photographed items last fall, Prada’s flame heels are likely to be the breakout stars this time around. Neon bags are likely to make another appearance, in the form of Celine’s eye-searing bright totes from resort. And rather than an armful of bangles, statement jewelry like Givenchy’s shark-tooth necklace will be the detail shot of the week. Click through to see the top ten pieces that will bait the likes of Tommy Ton and the Sartorialist next week.

The Top Ten Pieces on Street-Style Blogs