unexpected chair dancing

Video: Flash Mob Chair-Dances With Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow at Stella McCartney’s Dinner Party

Fashion dinners are pretty predictable affairs. Beautiful people show up wearing clothes designed by the label hosting the event, and then everyone tries to act like they’re having fun without guzzling the food or wine (which can be hard to do, since fantastic chefs are always hired for these things). The highlight of the evening might be a performance by some big new musician or a high-profile guest getting too drunk and making an ass of herself while publicists freak out. All of the above probably happened at Stella McCartney’s dinner party in London on Saturday (Kate Moss apparently got caught smoking in the bathroom, which can’t be that unusual), but such events were overshadowed by a flash mob bursting in and stomping around to Led Zeppelin in the middle of dinner.

According to the Telegraph, the performance was choreographed by Blanca Li (who did Daft Punk’s Around the World video) and starred members of the Royal Ballet as well as 16 models who almost managed to keep time with the actual dancers. Naturally, they were all wearing Stella McCartney outfits, although it’s unclear whether these are dresses we’ll see on her Paris runway next week or just a one-off collection. Anyway, the dance routine also incorporated models Amber Valletta,  Shalom Harlow, and Yasmin Le Bon, who were hoisted up by their chairs Hava Nagila-style, seemingly to their total surprise. Can you imagine if they’d tried to do that to, say, Her Mossness or Anna Wintour, who were both seated nearby? We totally can, but we won’t.

Video: Flash Mob at Stella McCartney Party