Video: Woman Turns Into a Dress in Miu Miu’s New Short Film

Last night in Nolita, Miu Miu had a party to debut The Woman Dress, the third film in its Women’s Tales series. The short (which you can check out below) stars Italian actress Maya Sansa as a woman who transforms into a burgundy lace shift, thanks to the incantations of three willowy witches played by the Brooklyn-based trio Au Revoir Simone. The band also composed the film’s score and performed at last night’s party while director Giada Colagrande told us about the film. Colagrande, looking seriously sharp in black leather Prada, claimed she’s no fashion expert but said she had fun working backwards from costume to character. So which dress started the process?

“It was the blood-red one that Maya transforms herself into,” she said. “Sleeping Beauty came to my mind immediately as soon as I saw this red. I thought of the blood and I thought of that tale. In other places it wasn’t as specific, but it was a tale-ish, witchy world.”

The film’s three witches, Annie Hart, Erika Forster, and Heather D’Angelo, all wore short, bright-colored Miu Miu numbers for last night’s performance. Do they coordinate on purpose?

“We don’t,” said Heather. “We picked out these outfits totally separately.”

“We kind of psychically do,” added Erika. “When we first started our band we had this really beachy, ‘80s, cool-kid thing going. We’re always kind of trying out and experimenting in different directions. Annie used to be the hot librarian. But we all evolve together in a way. We’re a little more grown up.”

Video: Woman Turns Into Dress in Miu Miu Film