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That Anti-Knockoff Legislation Probably Won’t Ever Get Passed

Womp womp.
Womp womp. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The CFDA made a major push for anti-piracy legislation last summer, sending a bunch of high-profile fashion people (the Proenza Schouler designers and Narciso Rodriguez, to name a few) to lobby in Washington, but to no avail: The bill — like so many others — has been stalled in Congress for almost a year now. While CFDA CEO Steven Kolb is careful to say they haven’t exactly given up on legislative measures, it’s clear they’ve definitely lost interest.

Says Kolb:

If we learned nothing else in this giant civics lesson, we learned that’s the way things work in Washington.…A bit of patience is needed. We remain focused on it, but we are also building other ways to spread the word on why intellectual property belongs to the person who created it.

So basically, it’s more efficient for the industry to police itself than to try to get the government involved. Oh well, it was a good try. Now try to imagine what would happen if someone tried to get Congress to legislate something about model health. (Ha!) Yeah, we can’t either.

Anti-Knockoff Law Probably Won’t Ever Get Passed