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Alexander Berardi’s Stolen Pet Bunny Rescued by Homeless Man

The twist.
The twist.

You might recall that Miss Cooper, the adorable flop-eared bunny belonging to designer Alexander Berardi, was unceremoniously stolen from her owner’s Soho boutique last week by a homeless couple wearing cowboy hats. But thanks to bold measures taken by a third homeless party, Miss Cooper was snatched back from her captors and delivered to the local police station. Perhaps best of all — and for reasons that remain unclear — she was transported to safety in a fish tank full of Apple Jacks cereal. Her alleged kidnappers have since been arrested and charged with petty larceny; meanwhile, Miss Cooper is unharmed and has returned to munching carrots in Berardi’s store window. “We’re just happy to have her back, and hope [the suspects] get the help they need,” Berardi told Gawker. Hopefully her rescuer got a nice reward, or at least a fresh box of cereal.

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Berardi’s Stolen Bunny Rescued by Homeless Man