Costume Designing for Mad Men Sounds Like a Real Breeze

Janie Bryant.
Janie Bryant. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/2012 Jeffrey Mayer

Janie Bryant describes her daily routine: “My workday is usually around 12-14 hours if I’m lucky. A day’s work could consist of reading the script, costume meetings to talk about the script, sketching a design, working with my tailor, working with my assistant costume designer on an upcoming episode, talking with my costume supervisor about budgets and background artists, going to the fabric stores to swatch or buy fabric, going to the costume shops, and chatting about the upcoming scenes with my set costumers, who take care of the actors on set. I always have fittings, and I usually finish my workday by preparing for the next day’s scenes to be shot with my assistant costume designer and key costumer. And there’s always more …”