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Franca Sozzani Isn’t Tortured by Love

Franca Sozzani.
Franca Sozzani. Photo: Interview

Franca Sozzani and documentary film producer Livia Firth sit down for this month’s Interview to discuss the usual topics on the Vogue Italia editor’s docket: her groundbreaking “Black” issues, the magazine’s popular website and her personal commitment to do-gooding. (They make no mention of the much-talked-about “Haute Mess” editorial – the pair met after Couture Week and, er, maybe the proofs weren’t available.) The conversation carries on as expected for the first few pages, until Livia finds herself ready to tackle the topic of Franca’s love life.

FIRTH: What is your relationship with men and sex? We need to talk about the sex, too.
SOZZANI: [laughs] Very good.
FIRTH: We couldn’t be having a conversation between two women and not talk about sex for a little bit. Because you travel a lot, and you are never in the same place for more than a day, do you have a—
SOZZANI: No. You know what? I already got married a few times. I had a fantastic husband.
FIRTH: So you’ve had enough?
SOZZANI: I didn’t need to get married again. It’s great to be in a situation in which you’re happy. But, you know, I’m not tortured by love. I’m not tortured by chagrin d’amour. I’m old now.

“Old” and apparently penniless. When Livia asks about her relationship with money, Franca replies that it’s “quite bad.”

Very bad because, for me, money is to use—it’s only to use. So I never have money because I always spend. That’s why in a way I protect myself in having houses. But if I had just cash or kept it in the bank, I’d spend it immediately. But not for stupid things. [laughs] So I don’t like to have money. I never have money in my pocket.

Like they always say, mo’ money, mo’ problems, F-Sozz.