Tommy Hilfiger Comes Clean About Those Deadly Factories in Bangladesh

When ABC News’s Brian Ross asked Tommy Hilfiger (backstage at his fashion show in February, no less) about the fire at his Bangladesh factory that killed 29 workers last year, Hilfiger looked horrified and quickly insisted, “We will never manufacture clothes in any of those factories ever again.” Security guards then hustled the news crew off the premises, presumably for asking such impertinent questions.

But it turns out that not only does Hilfiger still make lots of clothes in Bangladesh, he still employs the company responsible for the hazardous conditions that caused the aforementioned fire. Obviously realizing that he’d made a mistake, Hilfiger apologized to ABC News a few days after the fashion show dust-up and said that he’s committing over $1 million to finance a program that would improve safety standards at the factories. ABC News’s investigation on the matter will air tonight; you can see the video here.

Hilfiger Comes Clean About Bangladesh Factories